Miracle League of Fishers

New home for The Miracle League of Fishers Indiana

Update: We have received the official agreement from the City of Fishers to build the Miracle League of Fishers. This is the huge step we have been talking about. It took a while to work out the details, but it is done. We ARE building the Miracle League in Fishers at Billericay Park! We are updating our social media sites and marketing materials to reflect the new location. We are so excited! Keep following us for more details.

Our New Spokesperson

We are excited to announce that Inclusive Indiana has found a spokesperson for our park project. This is Elijah Laine. Elijah is a junior at the University of Southern Indiana where he studies Communication Studies and Public and Nonprofit Administration. He is an advocate for people with disabilities and has a passion for creating a inclusive environment and spreading awareness about the disability community. We are excited to be working with Elijah to bring awareness about our mission which is to build a park for everyone with every ability to play side by side.

"Enhance quality of life by inspiring inclusiveness in all we do."

Where's the park, you say? It doesn't exist yet, but here's the plan:

As we work on the administrative aspect of the foundation, we are looking for land options, partnerships and support. Our goals is to complete the project in phases based on funding availability.

Phase 1:  Upon securing land
  • Create Conceptual Design based on land choice
Phase 2 (Adapted Baseball)  within 18 months of securing land
  • Concrete/paving for parking and sidewalks, dugouts with shade, fencing with gates, team benches, spectator bleachers, lighting/electricity, Flag Poles, trash cans, etc.
  • Create Baseball field(s), Essentials - Play surface safe and usable by those with mobility issues.  
Phase 3  A Park Above begin within 24 months of securing land
  • Create A Park Above park; Essentials -  Appropriate restroom facilities, poured rubber surface for accessibility, variety of swings, spinner, climbing, slides, music, quiet coves, shade, wide walk & roll paths, boccie, concession, 
Phase 4 Ongoing Upgrades

  • Begin adding extras to enhance the experience as funding permits
We would like to see campus completed with essentials within 3 years.

How you can help, by simply sending a letter of support.